Latto – Lottery (Official Video) ft. LU KALA


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Big Latto
The biggest
If I let you put your hands all over me
If I let you unwrap all this in the sheets
If I tell you all my dirty fantasies
You won the lottery
You won the lottery
If I let you take me home with you tonight
If I let you see what I got on my mind
If I tell you all my dirty fantasies (Latto)
You won the lottery (yeah)
You won the lottery
ooh, I need a real boss
Somebody who don’t care what the bill cost
Smooth skin thick thighs you can feel on
If he hit this then he hit the Mega Million
play him like a scratch off if he getting lucky
Jackpot baby if I ever let you touch me
Sip me like wine I’m a pop it like bubbly
When a bitch this fine make it hard not to love me
‘Cause this (uhh)
Can change your life alone
He like (uhhh)
When I get on the microphone
With these big old double D’s
Waist in on petite
Juicy like capri’s
If I let him squeeze
Handcuffs whip cream
I’m the girl of your dreams
Boy you know you hit the lottery
Cha Ching Cha Ching
Woah there baby, before we go there baby
It’s a couple things that you gotta know lil baby
I been that bitch so they want what’s mine
Like some J’s just dropped, niggas waiting in line
You gotta work for this, can’t purchase this
Gotta prove yourself and show me what your purpose is
Show me that you’re really worthy of my services
I keep a nigga on my arm where my purses is
Uh you looking at a centerfold
Playboy bunny when you take me home
Bad bitch from head to toe
Tryna fold me up and lick it like an envelope

Yeah all eyes on me
I’m the girl of your dreams
Boy you know you hit the lottery
Cha-ching, cha-ching

On God though
If I let you hit this, you know you hit the lotto right

directed by: chandler lass
a north of now production
executive producer: daniel yaro
rca commissioner/label producer: sam houston
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