Hips Don’t Lie (ZIGGY & Replay M Remix)

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J. Balvin, Skrillex – In Da Getto (Official Video)

J Balvin, Skrillex – In Da Getto (Official Video)

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Party in da getto
Inna da getto
Party in da getto
Inna da getto
Esto se jodio
La vecina no se que bebió
El vecino no se que prendió
A la gente no se que le dio
Pero to’ el mundo esta loco
to’ el mundo to’ el mundo esta loco
to’ el mundo rayado del coco
yo solo se que montaron

Party in da getto
Inna da getto
Party in da getto
Inna da getto
Party in da getto
Inna da getto
Party in da getto
Inna de getto
En el getto el party
Todo el mundo everybody
Estamos Flow rastafari
Esta perfecto ese body
Mami tu estas bien salvaje
Y yo que estoy de safari
DJ no le baje pongan la de tego y de daddy
Ese culo es de quilate se te nota los pilates
Hoy tu ganas o yo gano no lo dejemos en empate
En mi casa se remate
Nos fuimos low key
Callao sin dar detalles
La gente ya se dio cuenta que montamos la disco en la calle
Y esto es

Party in da getto
Inna da getto
Party in da getto
Inna da getto

Party in da getto
Inna da getto
Party in da getto
Inna da getto

En el barrio
Siempre hay bailoteo
Ave maria
El trago nunca falta ni la buena compañía
Como ha cambiado la vida
Yo crecí en el ghetto y el mundo es la casa mía

Party in da getto
Inna da getto
Party in da getto
Inna da getto
Party in da getto
Inna da getto
Party in da getto
Inna da getto


J Balvin Man




Inna da Getto

Inna de Getto

In la Getto

Party in da Getto

J Balvin Man

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Music video by J. Balvin, Skrillex performing In Da Getto. Universal Music Latino; © 2021 Sueños Globales, LLC, Exclusively Licensed To UMG Recordings Inc.


ACRAZE – Do It To It (ft. Cherish) – (Official Lyric Video)

🔥 ACRAZE – Do It To It (ft. Cherish)
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Farruko – Pepas (YANISS Remix)

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Issam Alnajjar & Elyanna – Hada Ghareeb (Official Music Video)

Issam Alnajjar & Elyanna – “Hada Ghareeb” out now: https://issamalnajjar.lnk.to/HadaGhareebVD

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► Lyrics:
بصحى الصبح انتِ اول اشي بمر براسي ، ليل نهار بتواسي و شاغلة بالي
بشوفك كل يومين و بسأل حالي اذا راضي ، الصحبة حكي فاضي ، طفي ناري

بس نفسي بنبض قلبي ، لما تكوني جنبي و انا مش مخبي

انا خايف احكي شو في مخبة بقلبي ، مش نايم الي يومين
ريتك تحكي عني فُكيني من كل همي ، خايف يطلع كلشي و تصير حدا غريب ،
و تصير حدا غريب

Bridge 1st half
يا باي شو نفسي احكي ، بس في شي موقفني يا ريتها بس لو تفهم سري و تطمني

‏صحيت بنص الليل أفكاري مشوش راسي
اخ يا أمي ‏عم بلش حس بقلبي.
النا صحاب سنتين، كنا بعافويه نحكي ‏هلق
عم نتلبك نركب جمله.

Pre 2nd
‏نفسي تحس فيه نبض قلبي لما تكوني
جنبي وأنا مش مخبي

‏أنا خايف إحكي شو اللي مخبي بقلبي مش نايم لي يومين ليتك تحكي عني فكينا من كل همي خايف يطلع كل شيء وتصير حدا غريب

Bridge 2nd half:
‏ ‏باي شو نفسي احكى باي لو بان بعيوني وتقرأ فيها كل مخبي

When I wake up you’re the first thing that crosses my mind
Keeping me company night and day
And occupying my thoughts

I see you every two days
And I still ask if it’s enough
“Friendship” feels like it’s heading nowhere, and it’s bringing me down

I wish you could feel
My heartbeat
When you’re nearby
I wish I could tell you (actual translation: and that I can stop hiding)

I’m afraid to tell you
Everything locked in my chest
I haven’t slept for two nights

I wish you could say it instead
And rid me of my anxieties
I’m scared that if it all comes out
I’d become a stranger to you.
A stranger to you

Woke up in the middle of the night, my thoughts are haunting me. Oh mama i’m starting to fall in love ( feel it in my heart)
We’ve been friends for 2 years, we used to talk so casually(as friends), now we cant even form 1 sentence.

I wish you can feel my heart beat when you near me, and i keep hiding it.

I’m scared to say what i’m hiding in my heart, I couldn’t sleep for 2 days.
I wish u can say how u feel instead of me, and set me free, because i’m scared to say whats on my mind bc that might (change/ruin everything) and u might become a stranger(after u know the truth)

Bridge 2nd half ELYANNA:
I wish i can just say whats on my mind, i wish my eyes can tell u the truth so you can read my secret( what i’m hiding)

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Music video by Issam Alnajjar performing Hada Ghareeb. © 2021 Universal Arabic Music / Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


SOFI TUKKER & John Summit – Sun Came Up (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

SOFI TUKKER & John Summit – Sun Came Up
SOFI TUKKER & John Summit – Sun Came Up by Ultra Music Available Now! https://ffm.to/suncameup
The Latest & Greatest from Ultra Music https://ffm.to/officialvideos

Director, Producer, Editor: Cameron Uranick @camuran
DP, VFX, Color: Danny Roy @droyfilms
2nd Shooter: Oliver Umpierre @oli.flows
Aerial Cinematography: Alex Mandiola @prestigeaerials

SOFI TUKKER Stylist: Johnny Wujek @jwujek
Cast Wardrobe Stylist: Celine Farach @celinefarach
Key Makeup Artist: Madeline Rouge @madelinerouge
Key Hair Stylist: Emily Malin @emilymalin4
PA: Remy Prosper @remyprosper
Club Production Designer: Abraham Fuentes @highervibrationsound

Special Thanks to:
Eddie Sears
Justina Heckard
Vanessa Vlandis
Erick Espinal
Youssef Erian
Wynwood Studio @wynwood.studio
Michael Eder @ _eder._

Website: https://smarturl.it/SOFITUKKERWebsite
YouTube: https://smarturl.it/SOFITUKKERYouTube
Instagram: https://smarturl.it/SOFITUKKERIG
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Ozuna – Tiempo [REMIX-EDIT] (David M & Javi Martinez)

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Reggaeton Mix 2017 The Best Shakira, Maluma , J Balvin , Daddy Yankee , Ozuna Reggaeton Mix 2017 Vol. 15 | Las Canciones Más Nuevas Y Mejores de 2co de todo, mejores canciones 018,
remix reggaeton 2dad, Mix 2017 The Best Shakira, Arca
NI BIEN NI MAL – Bad Bunny
Anuel AA ➕ Haze – Amanece
Ozuna – Luz Apaga feat. Lunay, Rauw Alejandro & Lyanno
Karol G, Anuel Aa – Culpables
BEBE – 6ix9ine Ft. Anuel AA
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Doja Cat – Woman (Music Video)

Doja Cat – Woman (Music Video)
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Video edited by: G-Uniq | 2021

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