Add On Services

MC Services

DJ MCs behind the DJ Table

$ 115

MC Services

Dedicated MC

$ 550

Basic Light Effect

Simple light for smaller to medium sized rooms to light up the dance floor.

$ 75

Intelligent Lighting Towers

Advanced lighting for Medium to Large rooms. That is programmed for entrance, slow dance, podium, and dance floors.


Operation Fee 

+ $200

Per Pair

Up Lighting

Light up the walls around the room with the colour of your choice. Minimum 12 Lights.

$ 25

Per Light

Wall Up Lighting

Dry Ice

Cloud like effect that stays close to the floor for amazing photo ops

$ 350

Wedding Slow Dance with Dry Ice

Cold Sparklers

A special type of indoor firework that is safe and generates little heat. Includes 3 shots.

$ 600

Per Pair

Cold Sparklers used for entrance or slow dance

Digital Photo Booth

Capture and share special moments with your guests. Includes 3hrs of operation.

$ 600

Digital Photo Booth


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