Add On Services

MC Services

DJ MCs behind the DJ table

$ 120

DJ MC Services from behind the DJ Table

MC Services

Dedicated MC separate from the DJ that engages the guests from the podium or dancer f

$ 600

dedicated MC services behind the podium, stage, or on the dance floor

DJ Partition

Create a cleaner DJ Booth Look by adding a Screen

$ 100

Basic Light Effect

Simple light for smaller to medium sized rooms to light up the dance floor.

$ 75

Up Lighting

Light up the walls around the room with the colour of your choice. Minimum 12 Lights.

$ 500 12xUp-Lights

$25 Per additional Light

Wall Up Lighting

Dry Ice

Cloud like effect that stays close to the floor for amazing photo ops

$ 350

Wedding Slow Dance with Dry Ice


Cold Sparklers that will not burn you if you get close, and are battery powered and remotely triggered to avoid cables on the dance floor.

$ 700 2xSparklers

$ 1100 4xSparklers

Cold Sparklers also called Sparkulars are used for entrance or slow dance. These are safely operated by trained technicians.

360 Video Booth

Digital Video that takes a 360 degree view with background music. Includes 2hrs of operation.

$ 600

Digital Photo Booth

Capture and share special moments with your guests. Includes 3hrs of operation.

$ 650

Digital Photo Booth

Wireless Microphone

Professional grade microphones are available for speeches and vocals.

$ 100

Wireless Microphone for speech and vocals

Please note, all prices are subject to change and may be higher depending on your event location.


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