Dimitri Vegas x David Guetta x Nicole Scherzinger x Azteck – The Drop (Official Music Video)


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Stream/download: https://orcd.co/thedrop

Check out the Tomorrowland Official playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5ZgnTlYPLATJiTg9yTgppb?si=8a22de7d27194528

Dance music legends Dimitri Vegas & David Guetta are teaming up with American singer & actress Nicole Scherzinger and DJ/Producer Azteck to release the addictive house single, “The Drop”, which is now available as Dimitri Vegas’ second official solo single on all digital streaming platforms. The new track is accompanied by an adventure-filled official animated music video found HERE and follows Dimitri’s first official solo single, “Pull Me Closer.”

Dimitri Vegas, David Guetta, Nicole Scherzinger, and Azteck have released hit songs in the past; however, it’s the first time all four are collaborating together to shake up the music industry. It mixes legendary dance music artists Dimitri Vegas and David Guetta with Pop superstar Nicole Scherzinger and new age DJ Azteck to make the ideal song to please their fans, both young and old. “The Drop,” starts with a solid electro drum beat and hits the soul with engaging lyrics by Scherzinger’s distinctly harmonious vocals as it draws listeners into a break that heads into the climax and high percussive beats. The addictive tune will keep fans fully immersed in its house music vibes as it ends, leaving fans wanting more.

Video made by: https://www.pitchparrotstudios.com

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