Choosing a Wedding Venue

It all starts when selecting your hall. Ask and check the fine print to ensure a DJ can come and bring their own equipment. Or the cost to use the in house sound and lighting is reasonable ($300 to $500). Some halls charge exorbitant fees such as $1300+tax to use the venue’s subcontracted sound and lighting equipment. They do this to up sell you for a bigger package that include a DJ easily over $2000+tax. The same package is very likely cheaper by going directly with a DJ you choose.

Inside a Wedding Venue

Choosing Package Add-ons

Some companies will try to up sell you all sorts of items. For some these may seem as necessities, for others they are extras that no one will notice. The choice is yours.

Dry Ice

Looks great in the slow dance pictures. However this could be an item you may want to skip if your photographer is already amazing.

dry ice effect for slow dance

Games With Props

Some DJ companies up sell games with props like the Wedding Dice game. Will your audience have the patience and interest to watch? If so there are free games you can try such as Scavenger Hunt, Bride & Groom Trivia, Centerpiece giveaway, etc.

Wedding Game Prop with Dice.

Gobo Lighting

These lights are custom made projections of images or writing. This could be a must have for some, or seen as gimmicky to others.

Custom image or text projected on wall or dance floor.

Uplighting, or Wall Lighting

Used to colour the walls in the venue. Sometimes these are included with the venue, so be sure to ask. Otherwise these items can cost $30 per light which can add up depending on the size of your venue.

Up lighting or Wall Lighting surrounding the hall

Late Night Table, or Sweet Table

A nice treat for your guests however to keep the dance floor hopping try and choose a venue where any food can be served inside the hall. That way people will put their plate down immediately and jump back on the dance floor for their favorite song. Otherwise it may be hard to hear outside in the lobby area.

Wedding Sweet Table

Ice Sculptures

They look amazing especially with the right lighting, however these can run you $500 and up each.

Ice Sculpture